Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love my friends!

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while!! I just thought i'd mention how much I love all the people i've met here at USU :) I just post some picture of the good times i've had so far with them!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not gonna lie...

Now that the fall is hitting me, I'm really missing Maryland.

This is my home. This is literally the street next to my road. I wasn't feeling too homesick until I clicked on this link on my facebook wall that says 'Hometown'. I clicked it then it led me to a Gaithersburg, MD 'like' page. I scrolled down and saw a Kentlands 'like' page. That's when I came across a picture of the houses behind my street. It made me really miss home.

I miss my house. I miss my purple room. I miss my comfy bed. I miss my mom and dad. I miss my dog, Pepper. I miss my street. I miss the fact that everything I really needed was in walking distance, like Chipotle or the movie theater. I miss my town. I miss my friends (especially my black friends... not gonna lie....). I miss the fall on the East Coast... just like the color changing leaves that I never cared to notice until I realized I don't see them anymore. I miss having a car to get wherever. I miss the fact that every Thanksgiving my family puts up all the Christmas decorations... and we go ALL OUT. Then the next morning we go to black friday. I miss home cooked meals. I miss sitting around all day on some weekends just watching re-runs of my favorite t.v. shows in the basement.

Please don't get me wrong though. I love everything about college and USU A LOT!. But, I kind of wish I could go home just one weekend, like most of the kids here do every weekend, to see everything/everyone I miss.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i love college.

So it has officially been a month into college and man how I love USU.

It's funny... because at first I was really upset that I didn't get into BYU, but now I think it was a good thing I didn't. College is the time of your life where you should be able to decide what's right from wrong, since after all, it's probably the first time you get the freedom of living without parents. I like the mixture of LDS and non- LDS since i've been living around that my whole life. Granted, my school's LDS population is about 80% of the campus, but I love it. I can honestly say that I haven't really gotten that homesick. I may have once, but i've met so many awesome people here and i've been so busy that I haven't found the time to actually get homesick. I may miss 3 or 4 people from home but that's about it. College is just really great. WAY better than high school that's for sure.

Classes are going pretty well. I'm trying really hard to get a good GPA just like my senior year in high school. So far, so good. As a matter of fact i'm in the library right now trying to be a good student :). When I first got to college, the size of the classes were a little overwhelming because i've never been a class with more than around 30 students before. I am now taking a class that has about 250 students and a teacher who needs to use a microphone for his lectures. I'm used to it now but at first like was like WOAH! I LOVE my hip hop class. It's off campus so I carpool with my friend I met in my Sociology class. We learn the coolest dances and that class seriously gives you a confidence boost, not gonna lie. It's really fun, and so far i've learned 3 great dances. I show/teach them to my roommate Vanae all the time so she can dance with me.

I just love the freedom of college. During the first 2 weeks of school my friends and I took midnight IHOP/Walmart runs just for the the heck of it! It's so much fun out here and i'm so glad I chose to come here. I'll try and update more when I remember. I think its pretty sad that I haven't even put pictures up of my dorm yet. I need to get on that...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yesterday was pretty fun! My family and I took a trip up to Annapolis. Even though I lived in Maryland my whole life i've never been there! Can you believe it? Annapolis is a really cute place to visit! We saw so many cute buildings. Each house we unique even if it was just by color. Here are some pictures of cute doors and houses I saw :)

We went to the Maryland State Capitol Building. There were a lot of interesting things that I learned there. Here's a photo of a stain glass roof:

Pretty, right? :)

It was a fun trip, except for the fact that we left kind of early because my sister and I ate this really nasty sandwich.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

20 things.

I did a list like this (58 random facts about me) a long time ago, but I deleted it because some of the things on the list don't really apply anymore and rather than re numbering the whole list i'm just going to post a new one with some of the old and new facts. I continue the list in other posts until i reach 100 :)

1. I don't like onions but I like onion rings
2. I'm not a very 'outdoorsie' person. I mean i'll go do outdoorsie stuff if people who I love to spend time with go, but in general, it's not my thing
3. I love eating out more then eating at home
4. I have a crush on Taylor Lautner at the moment
5. I'm going to Utah State University (USU) in the fall and i'm really nervous and excited!
6. My favorite foods are (they are not healthy whatsoever): Pepperoni pizza, #7 from wendy's, and chicken tenders with honey mustard. Yes, I love simple american cooking. That's why I went to Crackle Barrel for my graduation dinner ha!
7. I've only been skiing once and I had a lot of fun! I want to learn more so i'm going to take a ski class at USU :)
8. After growing my hair out kind of long, I've realized that I like my hair better when its short, or at least medium length
9. The best summer vacation i've ever had has to be the summer I went to Fort Bragg, CA. I met (well I guess re-met since I don't remember them as a child) my cousins! They're like my best friends and we had the best time from running on the beach and watching the sunset, window shopping and Mendiceno(sp?), and hiking!
10. I love lazy rivers. Like the ones in water parks. I didn't realize this until I went to Typhoon Lagoon at the Walt Disney World Resort! It's so relaxing
11. I love bacon
12. I love sausage. I feel like a breakfast meal isn't complete without some kind of meat.
13. I love Pepsi and Coca-Cola
14. I don't really like driving. I just want my license just so I can say I have it. I don't like that society made it the norm to drive at 16. I feel so uncool when someone makes fun of the fact I don't have my license. It's not like I have a car anyways...
15. I don't really like reading... But if it's a good book that has me hooked from the beginning then i love it. If it's a boring book that an english teacher makes me read then makes me analyze the more than the author did, that's when I hate it.
16. I don't believe in running. I just don't see the point unless i'm being chased by a murderer, rapist, or like a bear or something. I've realized that i'm prone to running when I feel like i'm in danger, so an adrenaline rush should make me run fast enough anyways.
17. I don't really like pastries (ice cream included). I mean, i'll eat one if I have to (like at a birthday party) but that's all
18. I can tell when i'm un-liked. When I was in middle school, if I ever met a person that didn't really like me for no reason, i'd try so hard to try and be there friend. Now that i'm older I could care less. I know who my real friends are.
19. (This goes with 18) I don't force friendships. If you don't wanna be my friend, or if a friend of mine doesn't wanna be friends with another friend of mine, I won't get out of my way to make you a friend
20. I worry way too much. If I ever feel like something doesn't go right (like if I feel like I screwed something up) I over think what I did.

Friday, July 16, 2010


So this morning I was woken up differently than usual. Any other summer morning I would have slept in until about 11 (depending on how late I stayed up the night before). But no. Here I am, awake, at 6 in the morning because i'm a little freaked out. Why? There was an 3.7 magnitude earthquake at 5:04 a.m. Now for anyone who lives in places prone to earthquakes, you're probably like 'psh whatever i've been in a earthquake magnitude 5' , but for me it's a big deal because earthquakes don't really happen in Maryland, and it was the first earthquake i've ever felt or been in so I was really confused and freaked out.

You should have seen my face. The first thought that ran through my head was Hmmm that rumbling noise is probably thunder. Then I started freaking out when it lasted for more than a second. I got out of my bed and kind of sprinted over to my parent's room to see my mom up and freaking out. The second thought that ran through my mind was more like oh gosh it's the end of the world!, but when I looked out the window there were no raging fires or red sky... So I was really confused. I went back to bed, wide awake at this point, thinking about what that could have been. I figured it was an earthquake. Then my sister comes in my room asking me if I felt an earthquake. That settled it. I went to the one place that would give me the answers I needed. Facebook. And yup! that settled it! There were a bunch of statuses saying they felt shaking and people giving off links to news reports claiming there was an earthquake. My dad, who's lived in Cali his whole childhood, slept through the whole thing! He's probably used to this stuff, while the rest of his family is freaking out!

So there you go! I've lived through my first earthquake.... Man, I always thought i'd live in Cali when I got older, now i'm going to rethink things.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Luray Caverns!

My sister, dad, and I went to Luray Caverns today! It was a pretty awesome place too! When we got there I was wondering where the actual cavern was. There was a long line for the tickets and a even longer line for the cavern. I was confused because we went back into the same building we got tickets from... and through a little door that looked like it would lead down to a basement in a normal house. Well it was some basement because that's where the cave was!!

It was really pretty down there. And for some reason it made my hands feel really moisturized :) I kept saying to myself that I wish there was a cave in my basement.. It was like an underground city. So amazing!

There was a wishing fountain (more like random spot of deep water people threw money into). I didn't have anymore coins though :( but this random guy gave my sister a quarter, so we both wished on it and threw it in. I wonder if it works that way too. There was also this rock that people rub for good luck. We weren't supposed to touch the rocks because it stops the growth and the rocks only grow like an inch every 130 years or something... I touched the the rock that people would rub for luck anyways. Yep, i'm a rebel. I feel luckier though :) All and all it was a fun.

We also went through a hedge maze once we were out of the cavern. It was actually more confusing than I expected. Some of the signs were misleading too (don't worry we figured out the way on our own, we didn't cheat)

You should go! It's worth the trip!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet my dog.

His name is Pepper :) He's a miniature schnauzer and very lovable. He loves children and is very quiet. He doesn't have much of a personality though which is kind of a shame... Oh what's that? you want to meet my dog pepper? Well here he is:

Ain't he cute?

...For those of you that actually thought that was my dog and that all the things I said about him were true, wow that's way off! (Well except for the lovable part). Here's my actual dog PEPPER!

The truth is.. He likes to bark at bigger dogs and babies. As a matter of fact, he barks so much that one time this older woman and her dog saw Pepper coming down the street, so she picked up her dog and crossed to the other side. He has to wear a diaper because ever since he got diabetes he tends to do his business because he can't help it. He loves my dad the most in the family. He thinks sit means roll over now (granted that's my fault). He has a great profile; i've used him many times for my photography class. He has a pretty awesome personality, but likes to talk back (by howling at us). When he gets wet he runs all over the house like a maniac. He's scared of trashcans, drains, the gate that blocks him from the living room, and my mom (just kidding about my mom, but he doesn't go over to her unless he's told. She's the alfa ha).

Even though some of those facts about Pepper I listed wouldn't want to make you buy him if he was at a pet shop, I love him a lot and he's my cute baby boy :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Bucket List.

So, I was sitting here thinking about what to blog. Then I looked at this pink list hanging on my wall; my bucket list. Yes, over time i've literally written a list of things I want to do before I 'kick the bucket'. It's funny because whenever I show this list to older people they get upset and say that i'm to young to have a bucket list. I disagree, because tomorrow is never promised. So it's better to write all the things you want to do now then later when you're on your death bead with only two weeks to live. So here's a little preview:

Go to Disney World. Check.

Go to NYC. Check.

Go to college. Almost there.

Get married.

Go whale watching.

Go to the Mall of America.

That's all i'll post for now. Trust me, the list goes on :)

Oh Summer.

It's been a while since my last post.. But that's because high school is over for me and IT'S SUMMERTIME! A lot has happened. I graduated, that's one thing :) And if it wasn't for that i wouldn't be typing to you on my awesome Macbook Pro laptop I got on the day I graduated! I love my laptop.. Although lately i've been staying up too late on it. Before, when I used my family computer, I had to get off at a certain time. Like maybe 11 at the latest. But now, I have the freedom to stay on as long as I want!....Well until I get really tired, and I love my sleep.

I've also taken a trip out to Utah State. Oh and if you didn't know already, that's where I decided to go for college :) I'm happy about the choice. The campus is beautiful and the people are really nice. I went for an orientation like thing called SOAR. It was fun! But let me tell you.. I was SO nervous the night before I had to go. I was freaking out on the simple things, like whether or not my dad should come with me to check in or just drop me off. He ended up just dropping me off, but there turned out to be a lot of parents there to do the parent orientation. I met two really nice people who I hung out with most of the orientation. The funniest part were some of the reactions of people who found out I'm from Maryland. They would be like "Whoa, Maryland?! Like over there?" and they would point to the east or something. The president of the ASUSU (which is like the student government on campus) is from Maryland. He came up to me and was like "Hey! Someone told me you were from Maryland too! Let's chat". It was funny. There was also a dance and this funny skit they put together and the one girls I hung out with was chosen to be in it. The whole day when I was at orientation I thought I didn't have a roommate, because I walked in my room, which had two beds, and the whole day there was no stuff there. Then, at 3ish in the morning my roommate comes in, makes her bed, and goes to sleep. I woke up the next morning like "Oh hey! I'm Caitlin, see ya!" Since we were moving out the next day anyways. All and all the trip was great, except for the HORRIBLY DRY LIPS I got. Note to self: Bring A LOT of chapstick to the dry state of Utah :)

Right now, I'm not doing much. Just relaxing all week. I saw Toy Story 3 with Molly and Meredith on Wednesday and i'm going to see Eclipse at MIDNIGHT with Mere on Tuesday (well I guess early Wednesday morning). I'm WAY excited for that. Taylor Lautner is so hot. I love him dearly. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So, the past week has been pretty tiring. I really think the senioritis is actually kicking in because lately I haven't been doing so great in my classes. Even worse my math teacher might have been fired (I don't know for sure but it's pretty upsetting to think about since it was such a chill class). I've realized that my math class is crazy without my old math teacher. I swear every sub is going to quit when they're with us because some of the people are really roudy. Also, in english class I haven't been doing so well on the quizzes for some reason. We're reading Othello so it's kinda hard to pay attention to/ understand. What's worse she gives us vocab quizzes A LOT and memorizing vocab is my worst talent. I wouldn't even put that in the talent catergory because I can't memorize vocab to save my life. I can only remember a word if I've like heard it in a movie or something and I ask "hey what does that word mean?". Then it like sticks forever. I don't know why my brain works like that but it's annoying. Lastly, I think I totally bombed that psych essay. We had a test today and I've never done so well when I take a test, probably because i never study.. but it's not like I don't, it's just like when I try to memorize vocab.. it never stays in my head.

Friday was good though because my group spontaneously decided we should go to the mall. So my friend Mason picked me and Robert up and we met up with Tamara, Wayne, and Ben at Lakeforest. I really don't like Lakeforest mall but when I am just going there to chill its okay. We just went to a whole bunch of stores like H&M and Hollister trying on a whole bunch of sunglasses and clothes. Then I had to get home so we all hoped into Mason's car and he drove me back home. We had a dance (more like jump) party in the car, it was pretty fun.

All in all my high school life is starting to slow down to a 'just chill' zone.