Monday, July 5, 2010

Luray Caverns!

My sister, dad, and I went to Luray Caverns today! It was a pretty awesome place too! When we got there I was wondering where the actual cavern was. There was a long line for the tickets and a even longer line for the cavern. I was confused because we went back into the same building we got tickets from... and through a little door that looked like it would lead down to a basement in a normal house. Well it was some basement because that's where the cave was!!

It was really pretty down there. And for some reason it made my hands feel really moisturized :) I kept saying to myself that I wish there was a cave in my basement.. It was like an underground city. So amazing!

There was a wishing fountain (more like random spot of deep water people threw money into). I didn't have anymore coins though :( but this random guy gave my sister a quarter, so we both wished on it and threw it in. I wonder if it works that way too. There was also this rock that people rub for good luck. We weren't supposed to touch the rocks because it stops the growth and the rocks only grow like an inch every 130 years or something... I touched the the rock that people would rub for luck anyways. Yep, i'm a rebel. I feel luckier though :) All and all it was a fun.

We also went through a hedge maze once we were out of the cavern. It was actually more confusing than I expected. Some of the signs were misleading too (don't worry we figured out the way on our own, we didn't cheat)

You should go! It's worth the trip!


  1. love caverns I saw some amazing ones in Mexico! Aren't family trips the best?

  2. Yeah! caverns are SO COOL. Family trips are pretty fun! I love being able to find new places to explore that are close by!