Saturday, March 13, 2010


So, the past week has been pretty tiring. I really think the senioritis is actually kicking in because lately I haven't been doing so great in my classes. Even worse my math teacher might have been fired (I don't know for sure but it's pretty upsetting to think about since it was such a chill class). I've realized that my math class is crazy without my old math teacher. I swear every sub is going to quit when they're with us because some of the people are really roudy. Also, in english class I haven't been doing so well on the quizzes for some reason. We're reading Othello so it's kinda hard to pay attention to/ understand. What's worse she gives us vocab quizzes A LOT and memorizing vocab is my worst talent. I wouldn't even put that in the talent catergory because I can't memorize vocab to save my life. I can only remember a word if I've like heard it in a movie or something and I ask "hey what does that word mean?". Then it like sticks forever. I don't know why my brain works like that but it's annoying. Lastly, I think I totally bombed that psych essay. We had a test today and I've never done so well when I take a test, probably because i never study.. but it's not like I don't, it's just like when I try to memorize vocab.. it never stays in my head.

Friday was good though because my group spontaneously decided we should go to the mall. So my friend Mason picked me and Robert up and we met up with Tamara, Wayne, and Ben at Lakeforest. I really don't like Lakeforest mall but when I am just going there to chill its okay. We just went to a whole bunch of stores like H&M and Hollister trying on a whole bunch of sunglasses and clothes. Then I had to get home so we all hoped into Mason's car and he drove me back home. We had a dance (more like jump) party in the car, it was pretty fun.

All in all my high school life is starting to slow down to a 'just chill' zone.

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