Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's go on an adventure!

My schedule this semester is not what I would call hard... Just really time consuming. There are days where I leave my apartment at 8:30 to go to class and don't get to come home until 4:30. The best part? No break! :(

Lucky for me the hard/long part of my schedule is in the beginning of the week and my Thursday my earliest class is at 10 and I get out by 2 (With breaks and my only two classes I have is Stats and Zumba). Even better, on Friday my earliest class is at 11:30 and I get out by 1:30. It's like after all those long days of classes I finally get to catch a break by the weekend!

But you know what can keep me going through most of those long days? The fact that I will get to hang out with this great boy at the end of the day :)

Maybe one day he'll take a picture where he'll show his face.

When we hang out, there's never a dull time. We have a list of adventures that we plan on completing... Let me give you a gist of what some of them we've already done are:
-Go to Wingers
-Do the snow dance
-Watch Zoolander (so that when I quote the movie to him he'll understand what i'm referring to!)
-Teach me how to drive stick shift
-Get 99 cent tacos at this little taco stand in Logan
-Drive to the Idaho boarder just for the heck of it
-Go on a Chipotle trip down in Bountiful
... And more on the list that we still need to complete!

Granted some of the things on the list is more adventurous than the others but whatever we end up doing is always great! I always look forward to it too!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Set Fire to the Rain!

Okay, So, I should probably let you know that the title of this post has nothing to do with everything I'm going to update you all on. I'm just going to list everything that has been going on since the last time I posted! Fair enough? Cool.

-I finished the fall semester with two A's two B's and one more grade that wasn't so hot. It was in Biology. Nuff said.
-Went to a Logan Improv show. SUPER FUNNY. I want to go again sometime.
-It didn't snow as much once late November/early December hit. That's really weird Logan.
-Went home to Maryland for a good 3 weeks for winter break which was fantastic!
-Got a tripod for Christmas, which is really going to be helpful this semester
-Went to DC and saw protesters camping out #OccupyWashington

-Took my friend Tamara to see the DC temple lights!

-Realized how different my friends are in Maryland compared to my friends in Utah. In a good way though! :)
-Re-realized how different Maryland is from Utah (even though I like to remind people of that all the time!)
-Came back to Logan the Saturday before classes started
-I'm taking the maximum amount of credit hours I can take here... Lord give me strength!
-My photography 2 class is going to be super great! (minus the expensive amount of supplies I still need to buy)
-I'm taking one evening class again. Not as late as last spring semester though!
-My schedule is super hectic in the beginning of the week, then calms down by Thursday and Friday :)
-Had some really good 99 cent tacos from a taco stand in Logan! Yum!
-Went to my first Jazz game with Jordan! Super fun!

... I guess that's the basic gist of it all. I'll try and update a little more so I don't have to go back and list everything. Have a good weekend everyone!