Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer '09.

This summer, now that its practically over and i'm starting school in 3 days, hasn't been that bad after all. In the beginning of the summer I took a few swimming lessons. At the end of June I spent some time at girls camp (I was a CC this year), but had to leave a day, more like night..(ugh.. i'm talking I was supposed to leave at like 8 that thursday night but I ended up leaving at 2 in the morning...) early so I could see the play The Color Purple. It was great! For the rest of July I didn't really do much. But I did go to a Jonas Brothers concert, and it was AMAZING. My sister and I had REALLY close seats. There was this catwalk on the stage and we were at the very end of it. So everytime they walked down it we held out our hands so they could touch it. It was an amazing concert. I hung out with friends, went to the pool a couple times, and at that point I thought my summer was lame. That's because the real fun didn't start until August.

My family and I ended up going to Disney World! It was so much fun! we met so many characters and rode on rides. We stayed at this amazing resort that we always stay at. It's called the Polynesian resort and it is always great. It's hawiian themed and there's like this beach and volcano pool that is so great. We got access to all the 4 theme parks plus water parks. At Animal Kingdom, my sister and I rode this rollercoaster called "EXPEDITION EVEREST" and it was insane. It takes you up REALLY HIGH and you think it's gonna drop you, but it doesn't. You go to this track that looks bitten off by the Yetti, then you go backwards in the DARK! it was insane!! Then you finally go forward and oh man! I would pay good money to ride that again. It was just so intense for a non-upsidown roller. Then there's this one water park that I LOVED that was called Typhoon Lagoon. They had a wave that literally went rose 6 feet and knocked everything out of its path. I got knocked over by that big thing so many times and it NEVER got old :). Then it started storming and that was the end of that. The only thing i didn't really like about Florida was the weather. There normal weather is sunny in the morning until around 12 p.m. and then rain/thunderstorms starting at 2 until night fall. Which is kind of lame if someone wants to go there to tan. They'd have to do it in the morning or forget it, because you can't tan once the rain is gone, ITS DARK. By the time the week was over... I remember having a strong dislike for the Magic Kingdom and how many people were there. I've never seen so many strollers in my life. I feel like some people just got them so they could jam them into slow walking people's heels. That's what happened to me at least. My mom and I had taken our spots of this parade that comes down main street everyday. And the crowds grab their spots on the edge of sidewalks fast. So my mom and I were sitting there for an hour till the parade started and I stand up in the spot i was sitting in when the parade was just beginning, and then SOME LADY thinks she can come in with her like i don't know... ten year old child and steal my spot after waiting for an hour? I DONT THINK SO! but she does! she had some NERVE! and by that last day i was annoyed enough with all the little babies. So this other lady, who i'm guessing was with this lady that totally sat where i was standing, was trying to get passed me by her friend, and I, being the kind person I am (note the sarcasm), blocked her way through. There was no way I letting this lady just push her way into my spot after i've been saving it for an HOUR. HA! What I hated also was how this lady was taking pictures of the floats down the street and getting in my way when the float ends up coming right in front of us! I was like REALLY? But minus that annoying spot, the trip was great.

Once I got back from Disney World, I was pretty upset that summer was practically over. I felt like my summer had finally just started.

I haven't even started my summer reading yet. But I got a lot of shopping done. Not school supplies but outfit supplies ;) hehe. This school year hopefully will be great. I really want to be on top of things this year unlike the past, because THIS IS IT! I'll have to start applying for school's and who knows what i'll get into. Hopefully its a school I will end up loving though.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Okay, so, i got my tickets and i'm heading to Utah during spring break for a college tour. Honestly, i don't really care much for going to BYU. Of course i'm going to go visit and look at the campus, but i'm going to keep my other options open. Like Utah State, or BYU's rival school the U! Although its not an LDS school, i'm still considering going there. I kind of want to go to a diverse school with all different types of religions... but like still have a good amount of people that are my religion too, ya know? I mean President Monson went to the U... so i'm considering going there. But i don't know! we'll see what happens once the time comes for applying... :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

street legal...! kind of.

So after all this diddly daddly i finally decided... HEY maybe i should get my permit. I went last saturday, waited in line for a good 30 minutes (and let me tell you that line was LONG), and got to the front just for them to tell me i'm missing a piece of information. I was pretty mad. So i went to school looking for a school form i aparently needed. It took the school a good day to fill it out then i needed to get it signed and what not. So, i end up going back to the MVA today. There was no line and pretty much no wait. It turns out i didn't even need that signed paper from school unless i was not younger than 16. LAME. I could have gotten my permit on Monday. Oh well, at least i know i can get my license on August 19th :) YAY! thats what i'm shooting for. I want to have it before my senior year of high school starts up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

boats and birds

Yeah... haha i recorded myself singing Boats and Birds a while back. Thought i'd share... its not that great though soooooo no judgey. aha.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

early college going away present.

I think yes! :)

Who wouldn't want that laptop?!

Monday, February 9, 2009

summer ideas.

Remember how i told you all that i want to go to the beach this summer? Well, turns out i might be doing that! The fam and i might being going on a Disney Cruise this summer!!!

I mean look at that boat... i mean ship and tell me that doesn't look like THAT much fun..... The only thing i'm a little paranoid about is the ship flipping over like in that movie Poseidon. NEVER watch a movie like that at one in the morning. You'll start having freaky dreams about yourself drowning and then get worried your house is gonna flip over and you'll have to escape before it sinks. Well... not really but don't watch movie like that, that late. But yeah, if we go i can't wait! the Bahamas are one of the places i want to go in life! that and touring a Coca-cola factory.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

wake me up...

...before you go go :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

today's one of those days..

So today's one of those days no one really enjoys. ITS SO COLD OUTSIDE. And when that happens, i start wishing it was summer again. I mean i hate it when i do this too, especially in the summer when its insanely hot and i want winter and snow oh so badly.

I'm sooooo ready to go to the beach again. Last summer i went ONCE. not only that it was only for like 3 hours, because it started raining. LAME. This summer i really want to do more stuff outside because when i got back to school i was as pale as a playtupus. (not really but you know where i'm going with this). The joy of winter can only last for so long. And i'm talking only during the thanksgiving/christmas zone. BRING ON SUMMER AGAIN!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've always loved photography. Sometimes when i'm bored i just go to any random website and save any piece of photography i think is really cute or awesome. Here are a few i have saved up:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Newbie in the house!

Hey! I'm really excited to start my up blogging again. I haven't done this since probably middle school, then other things like Myspace and Facebook came into play. BUT I'M BACK BABY! I can't wait to update you all on what's going on in my life! :)