Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet my dog.

His name is Pepper :) He's a miniature schnauzer and very lovable. He loves children and is very quiet. He doesn't have much of a personality though which is kind of a shame... Oh what's that? you want to meet my dog pepper? Well here he is:

Ain't he cute?

...For those of you that actually thought that was my dog and that all the things I said about him were true, wow that's way off! (Well except for the lovable part). Here's my actual dog PEPPER!

The truth is.. He likes to bark at bigger dogs and babies. As a matter of fact, he barks so much that one time this older woman and her dog saw Pepper coming down the street, so she picked up her dog and crossed to the other side. He has to wear a diaper because ever since he got diabetes he tends to do his business because he can't help it. He loves my dad the most in the family. He thinks sit means roll over now (granted that's my fault). He has a great profile; i've used him many times for my photography class. He has a pretty awesome personality, but likes to talk back (by howling at us). When he gets wet he runs all over the house like a maniac. He's scared of trashcans, drains, the gate that blocks him from the living room, and my mom (just kidding about my mom, but he doesn't go over to her unless he's told. She's the alfa ha).

Even though some of those facts about Pepper I listed wouldn't want to make you buy him if he was at a pet shop, I love him a lot and he's my cute baby boy :)

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  1. He's so cute!!! He needs to meet my dogs Mia and Pele... although they're pretty big and fat so he's probably just bark at them haha