Friday, November 23, 2012


Traditiooooooooooon! TRADITION! 

In the Moulton Family household, on Thanksgiving, it's time to break out that good 'ol Christmas music. As a matter of fact... it's time to break out that good 'ol christmas tree!

Our family has had a tradition where we put up all the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving day. I don't know when or why we started doing this on Thanksgiving... but we've been going strong (at least when the kids are home). 

Can I just say... I love being home on Thanksgiving. I've missed it SO MUCH. I feel blessed with such a great family. 
Let's also just say, I'm not ready to go back to Utah yet! A week is not long enough. 
Woah plot twist! Shocker there.

Until the next post! :) 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My First Recital

As some of you may know, I've been taking voice lessons at school. I had always known that I was going to have a recital at the end of November, so when I caught this obnoxious cough a little around the end of October, I started freaking out way more than normal.

It started as a cough, then my nose got stuffed and my ears got clogged. I went to the Health and Wellness Center about a week and a half before my recital. They told me I had really bad allergies and put me on a prescription. They told me if not much had changed in 4 days I should call them back. I waited about 6 days and finally decided to call. They put me on antibiotics  People gave me the weirdest looks when I told them I was antibiotics when I only had 'allergies'. Alas, my 'whatever this sickness is' didn't go away in time for my recital, so yes, I sang with a phlegmy throat. 

Here's a better sounding version of my video if you already heard it on Facebook. This version was recorded on my phone, but someone texted me during it so it got cut off halfway. Here's the two split videos. 

I'm glad I've finally sung infront of an audience. I feel good about myself even if I don't sound the best. I love to sing so much.

Until the next post :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Don't Really Understand

I've known people that have done things that aren't okay... but they are much happier and I feel like they receive more/constant blessings. Did I so something wrong? Because...

I don't know. I know I shouldn't compare... it just makes me sad. How can I be in the same state as I was a few months ago, on and off? Are greater things going to happen to me later? 

I hope so :( 

God's timing works in mysterious ways. It is just so hard sometimes. 
Like tonight. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas List!!

1. 50 mm f/1.8 lens
$102.99 - Link to online purchase - Amazon
It's time for a new one I'm thinkin! I'm taking a lot of portrait photography lately, so I think this would be a good thing to get :)

1a. Fotodiox Dedicated Lens Hood (for Canon EOS EF 50mm f/1.8)
If I get the lens above, this is something that I should get with it

Note: You can get these two in a package deal in the link of the lens I put above under 'Frequently Bought Together'

2. Digital Camera Bag
$89.99 - Link to product
I think it's time I got a camera bag. I look silly/unprofessional going on shoots with just my camera on my shoulder and no bag.

3. iHome iP4 FM Stereo Boombox
$159.99 or $143.99 (for the used one) - Link to item
I would absolutely LOVE this. This would seriously be the coolest things to have EVER & I LOVE music so it would't be for a bad cause!

4. Mossimo Supply Co. Black Soft Knit Flptop Solid

$10.99 - Link to Item - Target
These are perfect for when I have photo-shoots in the winter and my fingers are freezing. It's hard taking photos with regular gloves though, that's why I want the half-finger ones!

4. Brown Boots
$34.50 - Link to item - Delias
I only have black long boots. I want my own instead of borrowing my roommates! I'm a size 8.

5. $25 dollar iTunes Gift Card
I can never have too much music

6. Movies
I freakin lost my copy & I love this movie! You can get a used one for super cheap though.

6. Battery Charger

My phone usually dies super fast. It'd be a lot easier to just have this with me in my backpack or purse inside of trying to find an outlet or bring my long cord!

$10.59 - Link to item

7. Ipod Charger Kit
I'm kind of tired of borrowing other peoples iPod USB cords to charge my iPod. This would be very useful! 

$2.19 - Link to Item

8. Miscellaneous 
I'm usually game with any type of clothing. I wear clip on earrings (can never have too many earrings). A photoshop 'How to' book would be perfect. Just plain cash (For recording studio purposes) or gift cards are good too :)

Good luck Santa!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I should be studying...

Instead I'm just going to upload pichaaaahs of the last few weeks! 

Steph turned 21! What does that mean? Dinner at Wingers of course! :) 

Katie Came to visit!! Ihop trip it is! :) 

 We like pay attention in church.. I swear. 

 Most creative date I've ever been on. Get this. We drive up to Idaho with a couch in the truck. We go to the tetherball court where they filmed Napoleon Dynamite. They set up the couch and the movie and we watch it there, while eating tator tots, 1% milk and a corn dog (if you don't understand why that's awesome, you may want to re-watch the movie). I saw the biggest shooting star I've ever seen in my life that night too! Great night. 
 Just going to football games with my girl! 
Photoshoots with the beautiful Kenz! 

We didn't go anywhere for fall break... so we just hiked the wind caves. Not a huge fan of that hike to be honest.

 That one night I felt like a celebrity.Yes, yes I was Nicki for Halloween. It was the most ballin' costume I've ever done too.

That's just a gist of what's been going on lately... & for your entertainment... some good 'ol videos. 

Watch the original music video. You'll see why I'm opening my mouth so wide. I tried to be like him. Kind of a fail. 

This is a short song from the movie 'Think Like a Man'. I don't give it any justice... but you should listen to this :) to get a gist of what it sounds like

Hope everyone had a good Sunday. 

Until the next post :)