Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not gonna lie...

Now that the fall is hitting me, I'm really missing Maryland.

This is my home. This is literally the street next to my road. I wasn't feeling too homesick until I clicked on this link on my facebook wall that says 'Hometown'. I clicked it then it led me to a Gaithersburg, MD 'like' page. I scrolled down and saw a Kentlands 'like' page. That's when I came across a picture of the houses behind my street. It made me really miss home.

I miss my house. I miss my purple room. I miss my comfy bed. I miss my mom and dad. I miss my dog, Pepper. I miss my street. I miss the fact that everything I really needed was in walking distance, like Chipotle or the movie theater. I miss my town. I miss my friends (especially my black friends... not gonna lie....). I miss the fall on the East Coast... just like the color changing leaves that I never cared to notice until I realized I don't see them anymore. I miss having a car to get wherever. I miss the fact that every Thanksgiving my family puts up all the Christmas decorations... and we go ALL OUT. Then the next morning we go to black friday. I miss home cooked meals. I miss sitting around all day on some weekends just watching re-runs of my favorite t.v. shows in the basement.

Please don't get me wrong though. I love everything about college and USU A LOT!. But, I kind of wish I could go home just one weekend, like most of the kids here do every weekend, to see everything/everyone I miss.

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