Sunday, July 18, 2010

20 things.

I did a list like this (58 random facts about me) a long time ago, but I deleted it because some of the things on the list don't really apply anymore and rather than re numbering the whole list i'm just going to post a new one with some of the old and new facts. I continue the list in other posts until i reach 100 :)

1. I don't like onions but I like onion rings
2. I'm not a very 'outdoorsie' person. I mean i'll go do outdoorsie stuff if people who I love to spend time with go, but in general, it's not my thing
3. I love eating out more then eating at home
4. I have a crush on Taylor Lautner at the moment
5. I'm going to Utah State University (USU) in the fall and i'm really nervous and excited!
6. My favorite foods are (they are not healthy whatsoever): Pepperoni pizza, #7 from wendy's, and chicken tenders with honey mustard. Yes, I love simple american cooking. That's why I went to Crackle Barrel for my graduation dinner ha!
7. I've only been skiing once and I had a lot of fun! I want to learn more so i'm going to take a ski class at USU :)
8. After growing my hair out kind of long, I've realized that I like my hair better when its short, or at least medium length
9. The best summer vacation i've ever had has to be the summer I went to Fort Bragg, CA. I met (well I guess re-met since I don't remember them as a child) my cousins! They're like my best friends and we had the best time from running on the beach and watching the sunset, window shopping and Mendiceno(sp?), and hiking!
10. I love lazy rivers. Like the ones in water parks. I didn't realize this until I went to Typhoon Lagoon at the Walt Disney World Resort! It's so relaxing
11. I love bacon
12. I love sausage. I feel like a breakfast meal isn't complete without some kind of meat.
13. I love Pepsi and Coca-Cola
14. I don't really like driving. I just want my license just so I can say I have it. I don't like that society made it the norm to drive at 16. I feel so uncool when someone makes fun of the fact I don't have my license. It's not like I have a car anyways...
15. I don't really like reading... But if it's a good book that has me hooked from the beginning then i love it. If it's a boring book that an english teacher makes me read then makes me analyze the more than the author did, that's when I hate it.
16. I don't believe in running. I just don't see the point unless i'm being chased by a murderer, rapist, or like a bear or something. I've realized that i'm prone to running when I feel like i'm in danger, so an adrenaline rush should make me run fast enough anyways.
17. I don't really like pastries (ice cream included). I mean, i'll eat one if I have to (like at a birthday party) but that's all
18. I can tell when i'm un-liked. When I was in middle school, if I ever met a person that didn't really like me for no reason, i'd try so hard to try and be there friend. Now that i'm older I could care less. I know who my real friends are.
19. (This goes with 18) I don't force friendships. If you don't wanna be my friend, or if a friend of mine doesn't wanna be friends with another friend of mine, I won't get out of my way to make you a friend
20. I worry way too much. If I ever feel like something doesn't go right (like if I feel like I screwed something up) I over think what I did.


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  2. dear caitlin,

    i love you, but i hate bacon. that is all.

    xoxo, molly