Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet my dog.

His name is Pepper :) He's a miniature schnauzer and very lovable. He loves children and is very quiet. He doesn't have much of a personality though which is kind of a shame... Oh what's that? you want to meet my dog pepper? Well here he is:

Ain't he cute?

...For those of you that actually thought that was my dog and that all the things I said about him were true, wow that's way off! (Well except for the lovable part). Here's my actual dog PEPPER!

The truth is.. He likes to bark at bigger dogs and babies. As a matter of fact, he barks so much that one time this older woman and her dog saw Pepper coming down the street, so she picked up her dog and crossed to the other side. He has to wear a diaper because ever since he got diabetes he tends to do his business because he can't help it. He loves my dad the most in the family. He thinks sit means roll over now (granted that's my fault). He has a great profile; i've used him many times for my photography class. He has a pretty awesome personality, but likes to talk back (by howling at us). When he gets wet he runs all over the house like a maniac. He's scared of trashcans, drains, the gate that blocks him from the living room, and my mom (just kidding about my mom, but he doesn't go over to her unless he's told. She's the alfa ha).

Even though some of those facts about Pepper I listed wouldn't want to make you buy him if he was at a pet shop, I love him a lot and he's my cute baby boy :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Bucket List.

So, I was sitting here thinking about what to blog. Then I looked at this pink list hanging on my wall; my bucket list. Yes, over time i've literally written a list of things I want to do before I 'kick the bucket'. It's funny because whenever I show this list to older people they get upset and say that i'm to young to have a bucket list. I disagree, because tomorrow is never promised. So it's better to write all the things you want to do now then later when you're on your death bead with only two weeks to live. So here's a little preview:

Go to Disney World. Check.

Go to NYC. Check.

Go to college. Almost there.

Get married.

Go whale watching.

Go to the Mall of America.

That's all i'll post for now. Trust me, the list goes on :)

Oh Summer.

It's been a while since my last post.. But that's because high school is over for me and IT'S SUMMERTIME! A lot has happened. I graduated, that's one thing :) And if it wasn't for that i wouldn't be typing to you on my awesome Macbook Pro laptop I got on the day I graduated! I love my laptop.. Although lately i've been staying up too late on it. Before, when I used my family computer, I had to get off at a certain time. Like maybe 11 at the latest. But now, I have the freedom to stay on as long as I want!....Well until I get really tired, and I love my sleep.

I've also taken a trip out to Utah State. Oh and if you didn't know already, that's where I decided to go for college :) I'm happy about the choice. The campus is beautiful and the people are really nice. I went for an orientation like thing called SOAR. It was fun! But let me tell you.. I was SO nervous the night before I had to go. I was freaking out on the simple things, like whether or not my dad should come with me to check in or just drop me off. He ended up just dropping me off, but there turned out to be a lot of parents there to do the parent orientation. I met two really nice people who I hung out with most of the orientation. The funniest part were some of the reactions of people who found out I'm from Maryland. They would be like "Whoa, Maryland?! Like over there?" and they would point to the east or something. The president of the ASUSU (which is like the student government on campus) is from Maryland. He came up to me and was like "Hey! Someone told me you were from Maryland too! Let's chat". It was funny. There was also a dance and this funny skit they put together and the one girls I hung out with was chosen to be in it. The whole day when I was at orientation I thought I didn't have a roommate, because I walked in my room, which had two beds, and the whole day there was no stuff there. Then, at 3ish in the morning my roommate comes in, makes her bed, and goes to sleep. I woke up the next morning like "Oh hey! I'm Caitlin, see ya!" Since we were moving out the next day anyways. All and all the trip was great, except for the HORRIBLY DRY LIPS I got. Note to self: Bring A LOT of chapstick to the dry state of Utah :)

Right now, I'm not doing much. Just relaxing all week. I saw Toy Story 3 with Molly and Meredith on Wednesday and i'm going to see Eclipse at MIDNIGHT with Mere on Tuesday (well I guess early Wednesday morning). I'm WAY excited for that. Taylor Lautner is so hot. I love him dearly. :)