Monday, September 30, 2013

September's Positivity Blog/My Week Detox


Let me get straight to it and say... deactivating my Facebook for the past week has been absolutely fantastic. I honestly was thinking about going for longer.

Before I start I just want to say that Facebook is not a bad thing. Or any social network, really. Just a person using it the wrong way makes it not too great. 

Honestly, me being curious was not the reason I reactivated it, instead of going longer. It was my love for free music on Spotify (which can only be accessed with a ACTIVE Facebook account). That and I went on a photo shoot and wanted to upload some pictures...... guilty. 

Here's basically how my week went:
Saturday - going through major withdrawls
Sunday - some withdrawls
M,T,W,TH,F - didn't even mind 

It was weird! By the end of the week I did not even want to reactivate. I honestly will probably be deactivating in the next few days again to try not getting on Facebook for even longer and see how my life goes... because honestly, I have not been thrilled having it back. I spend way too much time on that stupid thing.

Let's be honest, I think I really need to think about who's actually there for me and who really doesn't care. I need to differentiate between who are my REAL friends and who are just the people that belong in my unreal virtual world. If that means going on another purge to get rid of the people that I really don't even talk to and probably never will again then I'll do just that. 

Honestly, the phrase 'out of sight, out of mind' really does apply to me. 

Anyways. This test to see if my happiness level changed was a success and I probably would have been even more happy if I had held up longer.... So I just know that to live a happy life I need to stop comparing my happiness level to others. I need to stop wishing I was more fun, more photogenic, more smart, more spontaneous etc. I need to be happy with the friends I have and how I choose to spend my few college years with them. I don't want to remember these days as weekends spend creeping on Facebook. 

Things I did this week instead of wasting time on FB:

Railroad track photo shoot

Went with roommate to find weeds in the rain

Sister Dalton at Religion in Life

Made a delicious Chicken White Rice and Bacon Soup

5th wheeled a Aggie Baseball game! 

Had a campfire at Tony's Grove

Got pranked. Moved the fridge from the living room back to the kitchen

& More photo shoot fun :)

Until the next post

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