Friday, September 20, 2013

Facebook is Seriously Ruining Me

This is going to be the most hypocritical post I've ever done because I am the definition of a FB junkie/addict.

But I just wanted to post about how FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc; is seriously making us more depressed than happy. 
How is it that we can spend countless hours on these social networks instead of actually going out and having REAL social interactions with people? 

We are seriously living in such a virtual world it's ridiculous. People are meeting people in this world, not in person anymore, oh no, that'd be too easy, but in this unreal world of FB, Twitter, and Instagram! Instead of actually calling people to check up on their lives at a more personal level we decide to go do that from the comfort of our bedrooms on our laptops or while we're waiting in line at the taco stand from our phones because we have that good 'ol Facebook app. We are living in this virtual world where we don't actually have to talk to people in order to know what's going on in their lives and it's driving me insane. 

I feel like nowadays people have to always update us on how in love they are or how exciting their weekend was to prove that they are actually living life. But something came to me yesterday. If you are actually enjoying life and living it, why do you feel the need to have to prove it on Instagram or Facebook. If your significant other really does know how much you love them why post it on FB? Things like that, to me, should be private and more special... not flaunted all around to a point where it drives everyone else insane. 

My least favorite line on FB or Insta "So in love with this xyz! One month down, eternity to go!" ...... Shahhhht uuuup. We get it you're still in love after one month, and I'm truly happy that you are because if you weren't after one month I'd be really worried about the rest of eternity. Maybe instead, do that line after 25 years of marriage.. that seems like more of a success and something worth bragging about to me.  

& is it just me or do I feel like people are trying hard to one-up how exciting their lives are and use FB and Instagram as their way to do just that? I know I purposefully go and do something to make my life seem more interesting than it normally is. How lame is that. 

Honestly, my parents were even talking to me about this, Facebook and all these other social networks do nothing but force us to compare how well our lives are going to others. I'm seriously so tired of logging on and seeing 'Aw she's engaged after 2 months awesome! What am I doing wrong?!' or 'Aw he spent his Saturday helping the elderly? Cool. He's such a great person and I've just been sitting here on FB or checking my Instagram every 2 hours'. It does nothing but make me feel inadequate and not exciting even when I do post 50 pictures from my week. 

We live in a virtual world where instead of having real social interactions, we avoid them. 

I'm going to delete my Facebook account for one week and compare my happiness level to how it is today. & let me tell you I've had so many excuses of why I shouldn't delete it that went along the lines of "Oh man, what if someone wants to add me this week and can't find me!" Or "What if something really exciting happens in someones life and I miss it!" Do you see how sad that is? I have an idea Caitlin, why don't you just shoot them a text or a phone call to get updates and actually talk to them. That's the way it used to be done. And if someone wants to 'add me' to just creep on my pictures and never EVER talk to me than that's not really missing out on that much I feel. 

How sad is it that this is so hard for me to do since I've become such an addict towards it. But I really need to try. So if you need me. Shoot me a text. If you don't have my number... we probably weren't that tight anyway. 

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