Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How I Feel About My Art

I was in a critique a while ago for a project that I didn't really know how to construct. I found it difficult and put a good amount of time into it. It didn't look like professional quality work by any means but it looked the way I wanted it to look and it got my point across. More importantly I really liked my work. 

Of course when I step into a room full of people with beautifully constructed work I start to doubt whether mine is good at all. Even when just a few hours earlier I was personally proud of what I did. 

The kicker was..after almost every positive critique it was challenged by a not-so-positive critique by the instructor about how it was messy or how it didn't seem like time was put into it. 

Well it's a good thing I'm not going into wire construction as a profession because I don't like doing it. 

& here's my thought that I got out of it...
I really don't care if someone else doesn't like my artwork. 

Of course if I have a client for photography and they expect a certain thing photographed a certain way, then of course I'll do what they ask and care what they think but that's a different senario. 

At the end of the day.. I have to love my work. I have to be proud of what I put into it even if other people don't like it. 

People go to art shows all the time and wonder why a certain piece is considered art... But in my head I see it as, someone constructed this piece of art and are expressing themselves by how simple or by how messy or whatever it is that makes it art in their eyes. It doesn't matter if I don't think it's art if the artist that made it has a meaning behind it. 

Just sayin. 

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