Saturday, August 3, 2013

July's Positivity Blog

Something interesting happened this month. 
Nothing like HUGE, just an observation. 

So for the past two months I have been scheduled to work on Sundays even though since day one I try and remind them that is the ONLY day I cannot work. My reminders were ignored of course.

Just this past Sunday, I walked in with a bad attitude. A negative one if you may. I was not happy to be there on yet ANOTHER Sunday while all these mothers were being rushy and a little rude at the cash register. But something came over me while I was ringing up a woman who was buying 30+ items. I decided to smile. Once she saw me smiling at her, her attitude changed from seeing me as just another employee to someone she could casually talk to. After this woman I decided to keep smiling and holding on to this good attitude scheme. Low and behold the more happy I looked toward the customers, the more polite they were to me. The rest of my Sunday workday went well. 

It's funny how you being a positive person can change a negative atmosphere around you. I never even realized how quickly a positive atmosphere can come. You just have to allow it first. Now I'm not saying there isn't always going to be that occasional rude person that can ruin this mood high, but I'm learning how to brush the small things off. 

This month was, yet again, difficult. 
A LOT of the things I had planned for the summer just did a swan dive into the fail pool. I keep asking myself 'WHY ARE YOU STILL TESTING ME?!' I keep thinking maybe it's because I seriously cannot pass. For a while I gave up with trying because I figured anything I try wasn't going to go right anyway. But then I realized something..

My parents have been my boulder so much this month. Whenever something went wrong, they were ALWAYS there for me. If someone canceled they offered themselves to go because they could see how upset I was. They were always there to talk to about how angry I was... and then they were there to laugh about how silly the situation is. 

Anyway. I'm REALLY not a mushy person at all (& since they are the only ones that really read my blog I'm sure they'll try to get me to talk about this post later and I'll avoid them haha) But I'm just really happy that whatever I go through in my sometimes obnoxious life, big or small, I'll always have them.

Until the next post, ya'll. 

PS I'm turning 21 in a month as of yesterday!! WAHOOOOO. 

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