Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nerdy Photo Post.


So today I got some spectacular gadgets in the mail! 
Since I cannot afford a speedlight or a new camera at this time I decided to settle down and make do with the equipment I have. As some of you know I love browsing through the little nerdy photo items on this website called Photojojo. I found three things that I could get that would help improve my photography and keep me on a budget. 

I'm now the new owner of:
a pocket reflector
a wide/macro phone lens (ahhh!) 
& a pop up flash bounce

I took my pop up flash bounce for a quick test. 
If some of you don't know, I HATE/AM NOT GOOD AT indoor photography. It's something I really struggle with when I don't like using my flash at all. But now that I have this little piece of equipment I can bounce the right amount of light I need and make my photos look great without spending $400 on a speedlight (for now)

Here is a photo of my momma (not well in focus.. but I am trying to prove a lighting technique point so whatevs)
As you can see. It's blows her out terribly and it just doesn't look good. 
This is just a with the plain flash
Now here's the picture with my flash bounce facing directly to the center..
here to the left...
& here to the right

Notice the difference? 
It's amazing how bouncing light can really change a picture that uses flash, dramatically.

Until the next post :)

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