Monday, July 15, 2013

Just a Thought

Was talking to my mom tonight about feeling promptings from the spirit. How do you know if its the spirit? Then we went onto how converts to the church always just have this amazing passion when they come to church. Full of love, stories, and craving more knowledge. 

I went on to say, well it's amazing to see a converts passion compared to someone who has been in the church for a long time. I feel sometimes for people who were raised in the church, we sometimes don't realize what we have. New members were hungering for the knowledge that we hold. They are so passionate when they join because all this new knowledge is fresh and new. They will study their scriptures & get all these spiritual enlightenments. Then I came to think of it... there's my answer to the first question my mom and I were talking about. 

Promptings become easier to spot when you're fruitfully studying your scriptures, attending church, praying, etc etc. Sometimes when we don't have that passion to thrive and learn more about Christ, promptings from the spirit may be harder to read. Once you start to hunger for more knowledge of Christ and a better relationship, that's when it becomes easier to listen to the spirit and understand what it is saying too.

Just a thought. 

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