Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My First Recital

As some of you may know, I've been taking voice lessons at school. I had always known that I was going to have a recital at the end of November, so when I caught this obnoxious cough a little around the end of October, I started freaking out way more than normal.

It started as a cough, then my nose got stuffed and my ears got clogged. I went to the Health and Wellness Center about a week and a half before my recital. They told me I had really bad allergies and put me on a prescription. They told me if not much had changed in 4 days I should call them back. I waited about 6 days and finally decided to call. They put me on antibiotics  People gave me the weirdest looks when I told them I was antibiotics when I only had 'allergies'. Alas, my 'whatever this sickness is' didn't go away in time for my recital, so yes, I sang with a phlegmy throat. 

Here's a better sounding version of my video if you already heard it on Facebook. This version was recorded on my phone, but someone texted me during it so it got cut off halfway. Here's the two split videos. 

I'm glad I've finally sung infront of an audience. I feel good about myself even if I don't sound the best. I love to sing so much.

Until the next post :)

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