Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas List!!

1. 50 mm f/1.8 lens
$102.99 - Link to online purchase - Amazon
It's time for a new one I'm thinkin! I'm taking a lot of portrait photography lately, so I think this would be a good thing to get :)

1a. Fotodiox Dedicated Lens Hood (for Canon EOS EF 50mm f/1.8)
If I get the lens above, this is something that I should get with it

Note: You can get these two in a package deal in the link of the lens I put above under 'Frequently Bought Together'

2. Digital Camera Bag
$89.99 - Link to product
I think it's time I got a camera bag. I look silly/unprofessional going on shoots with just my camera on my shoulder and no bag.

3. iHome iP4 FM Stereo Boombox
$159.99 or $143.99 (for the used one) - Link to item
I would absolutely LOVE this. This would seriously be the coolest things to have EVER & I LOVE music so it would't be for a bad cause!

4. Mossimo Supply Co. Black Soft Knit Flptop Solid

$10.99 - Link to Item - Target
These are perfect for when I have photo-shoots in the winter and my fingers are freezing. It's hard taking photos with regular gloves though, that's why I want the half-finger ones!

4. Brown Boots
$34.50 - Link to item - Delias
I only have black long boots. I want my own instead of borrowing my roommates! I'm a size 8.

5. $25 dollar iTunes Gift Card
I can never have too much music

6. Movies
I freakin lost my copy & I love this movie! You can get a used one for super cheap though.

6. Battery Charger

My phone usually dies super fast. It'd be a lot easier to just have this with me in my backpack or purse inside of trying to find an outlet or bring my long cord!

$10.59 - Link to item

7. Ipod Charger Kit
I'm kind of tired of borrowing other peoples iPod USB cords to charge my iPod. This would be very useful! 

$2.19 - Link to Item

8. Miscellaneous 
I'm usually game with any type of clothing. I wear clip on earrings (can never have too many earrings). A photoshop 'How to' book would be perfect. Just plain cash (For recording studio purposes) or gift cards are good too :)

Good luck Santa!

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