Monday, November 5, 2012

I should be studying...

Instead I'm just going to upload pichaaaahs of the last few weeks! 

Steph turned 21! What does that mean? Dinner at Wingers of course! :) 

Katie Came to visit!! Ihop trip it is! :) 

 We like pay attention in church.. I swear. 

 Most creative date I've ever been on. Get this. We drive up to Idaho with a couch in the truck. We go to the tetherball court where they filmed Napoleon Dynamite. They set up the couch and the movie and we watch it there, while eating tator tots, 1% milk and a corn dog (if you don't understand why that's awesome, you may want to re-watch the movie). I saw the biggest shooting star I've ever seen in my life that night too! Great night. 
 Just going to football games with my girl! 
Photoshoots with the beautiful Kenz! 

We didn't go anywhere for fall break... so we just hiked the wind caves. Not a huge fan of that hike to be honest.

 That one night I felt like a celebrity.Yes, yes I was Nicki for Halloween. It was the most ballin' costume I've ever done too.

That's just a gist of what's been going on lately... & for your entertainment... some good 'ol videos. 

Watch the original music video. You'll see why I'm opening my mouth so wide. I tried to be like him. Kind of a fail. 

This is a short song from the movie 'Think Like a Man'. I don't give it any justice... but you should listen to this :) to get a gist of what it sounds like

Hope everyone had a good Sunday. 

Until the next post :)

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