Friday, August 26, 2011

Logantown :)

Okay, so I know the title isn't a song lyric or something... but it actually fits with this post!

I'm back in Utah! Not only am I back in Utah, but i'm in the one place in Utah that I love the most; Logan.

I got all moved in to my apartment on Monday, and i'm really liking where I live! It's super social and i've met almost everyone on my floor so far! This week has been pretty chill since school doesn't start till Monday... so in a way it doesn't really feel like i'm back completely yet. But, once school starts, i'm sure that feeling will go away really soon.

That's my room! It's kinda messy... but that's pretty much the gist of it.

But anyways, I've gotten to get to know my two roommates, Brightyn and Cami, this week. I didn't know them before this year so it'll be fun rooming with someone new!

I'm trying to make a goal this year to blog at LEAST once a week. (We'll see how that goes).


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