Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's getting harder and harder for me to think of cutesy little titles for each of my blog posts. So i'm most likely going to have a quote, whether it be from a movie or a song, as my title from now on. (Note: it will probably have nothing to do with any of my posts).

So yesterday my sister wanted to go to a Civil War battleground. Here are some pictures from it!

I cannot believe how FAST these last few days of summer are going! I'm heading out to Utah on the 19th. I'm going down to Provo first, to help my sister move everything from her old apartment into her new one. That Sunday, i'm going to my cousin Austin's homecoming talk in Spanish Fork! Then on Monday, i'll be heading up north to good ol' Logantown! :) I've really missed that place. I love Logan in the end of summer/fall. That's when the weather it at it's finest. I can't wait to be with all my friends again! I'm really excited about where i'm living too! There is a pool at the apartment so that's where i'll probably be after school everyday until it starts snowing. Also, I finally got into every class I needed/wanted to make my schedule perfect. I had a hard time deciding what Institute class I was going to take though because the one with my favorite teacher form last year doesn't work with my schedule. Hopefully my classes there will be just as fun. It's going to be really exciting the first week too because one of my best friends, Karissa, has her birthday on the first day of school! Then mine is that Friday, plus it's a 3 day weekend. Can we say party? Oh yeah! I'm getting pumped!

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