Sunday, May 22, 2011

So far so good..

I finally found a job! I'm going to be working at Party City this summer. I applied Thursday, and they called me the next day for an interview, I went in and BOOM I had the job. I was honestly in shock how quick it was. I start on Tuesday, during the later shift for training (because less people shop around that time). Hopefully i'll get the hang of things pretty quick and easily. I'm really nervous though. I've never been a cashier before so I don't really know what i'm doing. I'm just mostly worried about messing up and pissing off customers that are 'in a rush' or have a short temper/short patience span. Quite frankly, I don't even know where to go on the first day. I'm supposed to go in and find them, but I don't know if I should go in the back room without permission or be weird and ask someone for help. I mean you they got to give me a break right since i'm new? Hopefully i'll make just the right amount of cash this summer. This job will also help me stop sleeping till noon and wasting my day, because now i'll be doing something more productive.

In my down time i'm reading this book called Life as We Knew It. It's actually kind of freaky. It's a story of a girl who lives through this catastrophe on earth. A meteor hits the moon out of orbit, causing it to move closer to earth and cause a lot of natural catastrophes. Movies and books that talk about that usually do freak me out. On top of that, i'm scared of the moon... So the fact that the scary moon is doing all that stuff freaks me out more. But yet, I can't put it down. I really want to know what happens to this girl and her family. I want to make sure she survives(even though I know she isn't real). I looked in the back of the book and see that there are two more books that go with this one.. so that means more trials for her and her family! Ah the books that interest me sometimes....

I've also been watching episodes of this old TV series called Summerland. I already watched all of season one, but now that i've got this book distracting me I probably won't know what'll happen next for a while. Ha! I feel like such hermit! I need Meredith to come home or something so that I can take a day trip to DC! I also can't wait for the pool to open, because I will not be going back to school pale a pasty. I need to TAN!

Not such an exciting summer so far. No worries though, I'll make it happen ;)

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