Tuesday, January 11, 2011

second semester!

So, i've only been back in Logan for three days and oh how i've missed this place.

On the night I got back, I ended up getting back to campus at 11 p.m. (the shuttle bus driver drove really slow through the canyon since it was snowing). The only problem with getting back to campus at 11 was the fact that the office to get my key 'rebooted', I guess you can say, closed at 10. Figuring this was going to happen, I spent the night in Karissa's room (neither one of us have roommates so we practically are anyways). It was so great catching up!! Oh how i've missed that woman!

Sunday was pretty much a reunion day. I saw everyone i've missed over break (not counting the ones who had to leave last semester for their missions :( sad..).

Monday was really good! I LOVE my schedule. I feel like it really is gonna be a rememberable semester. After all my classes for the day I went on a ski trip with my friends! It was super fun! I've come to realize though that Utah bunny hills are like intermediate hills at Whitetail in PA. So I was not prepared to ski them! I feel more than I skied! Sad.... but I started getting the hang of it by the end. I am so sore now. That trip to Beaver made me realize that I don't think I want to take ski EVERY thursday. Especially since I don't know what i'm doing. So I dropped my ski class. I might take it next year.

And LAST! My photography class!! I'm super excited to start that up again! There are enough enlargers in the dark room for everyone! Unlike high school where there was only like... 12 for a 30 student class. I'm so glad i'm taking it this semester.

That's all for now!!

Love these ladies!

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