Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best moments of college: first year, first semester.

I haven't updated in a while. This year I want to be on top of my blogging. I feel like I haven't told you enough about my college life. Now that I only have a week left of break I figured i'd reminisce on my first semester of college which was truly the best time of my life! I love everything about college. The people i've met, the laughter, the mourning over stupid boys, and more than anything just the good times and memories that I will remember for a long time.

Humans vs. Zombies
A student had made this campus wide game, that would last a week, where people would carry nerf guns and try to avoid becoming a zombie. People would have a bandana that either said human or zombie on it. I didn't end up playing because I figured that I would become a zombie the first day (that and I didn't want to walk to class with that fear). I remember leaving sociology during that week with my friend Jane and there were zombies outside Old Main(the building) and my other friend Amber gripped onto me and screamed bloody murder when one of the zombies lunged at Jane. Amber wasn't even playing! That was the funny part! One of my best friends at USU, Betsy, had me escort her and my other friend Katie to class one morning because she wanted eyes in the back of her head. That week was so funny!

The Howl
This is a huge halloween dance/party held at the student center. It was such a blast! I was Minnie Mouse :). We The Kings came but I didn't go see them because I was way to busy dancing! I love my friend Karissa who always loves to get down and dance! even when i'm soooo tired and don't want to anymore she always is like "COME ON CAITLIN!!! :)". I love how energetic she can be!

The day before Halloween my closest friends at USU went to Lagoon theme park. It was the first time I had ever been. My friend Chelsea who worked there over the summer got all of us in for free! And it was such a blast!! Since it was right before Halloween there were a lot of haunted houses. Now I always thought any haunted anything other than the MHF was probably really lame, but oh no! these haunted houses were really scary! I remember clinging onto my friend kai, running like crazy, and practically knocking Betsy down trying to get to the exit. It was really fun! I went on my first upsidown roller coaster too! Also waiting in line for the haunted houses were so fun with Betsy. I remember Kai would start dancing dorky like and some middle school aged looking girls looked at us like they were all that. Betsy just gave them blank stares then starts krunkin! it was the funniest thing ever! Such a good day!

3 a.m. showing of Harry Potter
Probably one of the funnest nights I had. It was late! We were crazy! But it was worth it! Kai, Karissa, Chris and I drank a 5 hour energy drink to keep us awake during the movie. It was gross, and sad to say Karissa didn't feel too well after it :( The crowd was so amped up! So many cool funky costumes, Kai's penguin walk, and my friends in I speaking in British accents all night was so fun! Afterwards we went to IHOP :)

Late Night...or EARLY morning Walmart runs
During the first week of college (like i'm sure most college kids are) We all thought it was the shizzz to go anywhere we wanted without parents telling us no. So (a lot more during the first week than any other week) my friends and I would go to Walmart really late! Sometimes even at 2 in the morning. I remember once playing Sardines in that place. It was pretty epic, but it did take a little to long to find people at times. After that i've been to Walmart a lot... even if it was insanely late. Fun times though:)

The Library
Okay, I know some of you may be thinking... "Wow how lame" But that is where my best friend Karissa and I go to almost every night from like 8-till it closes. We've met so many people and have so many stories at the library that we would not have gotten by just studying in our dorm rooms. Even on some days I would just go to be social, Karissa would always tag along and I love her for that!

VV & MV Towers
Valley View Tower is the girls dorms and Mountain View is the guys or as we call it 'the man tower'. So many friends and memories just from living here that I love! Next year i'll be getting an apartment with my closest friends that i've met in VV... and not gonna lie, I will miss the towers.

My next door neighbors and the 5th floor!
I absolutely love my next door neighbors. They are so crazy fun! I love how somedays I would have an issue, i'd just go to there room and vent like no other (i'm such a venting in general... but still). Every morning (or afternoon, depending on if I had taken a nap. Ha) that'd i'd wake up, I'd always announce at there door "I just woke up". They think it's hilarious and there would be times that they'd announce to me that they just woke up. I also made up this dance called "The Creeper Dance" which my whole floor just loves to do now! My one friend Erick (who's always on the my floor) has learned to love it and listen to my vents. Love it! The 5th floor is where my bestest friends live. I'm always up there. During the first month of college some people actually thought I lived on that floor and were confused when I had to remind them all that I live on the 3rd floor.

Dance Class
That was one of the classes that I look forward to the most on MWF. I love the dances that i've learned in that class even if i'm not the best dancer.

The 80's Dance and The Paint Dance
The 80's dance was probably one of the funnest dances i've ever been to! It was during the first week of school, outside on the Quad and man oh man I danced my heart away. The music/DJ was great! Everything about that dance was just awesome! The paint dance was more of a chance to get covered in paint and have a good time! Granted... it was more of a huge mash pit in the end and I did fall probably about three times because of it (people had to be like "GET HER UP!!") but I can't lie, I did have fun :)

Loving my hair
That statement probably seems lame but I knew going to college would mean that I wouldn't have as much time to do my hair the way it always was done in Maryland. I've worn it out natural everyday and i've learned to love it! I never liked it until I actually had to wear it that way everyday. I get compliments about how big and curly it is all the time:) I guess it was never as bleh looking as I thought!

Aggie Sports!
I seriously loved going to the football games! I swear I understand it more now than I ever did in high school. I especially loved whooping BYU's butt at some football! When we won we stampeed the field! I had to jump over a railing! It was just so epic! I love doing the chants. Especially at the basketball games. I'm still learning some for that, but we still have a whole season for that ;)

Midnight Pizza
At the Junction (one of the places we get meals) they have this thing called Midnight Pizza where they serve pizza from 9-till midnight. It's great! Such a social time! Sometimes I remember just going so I could get Coke and socialize with close friends!:)

If you actually took the time to read this, there you go! Some of the best moments I had in college so far. Sorry if it bored you to tears because of how long it is! I really will promise to update more this year!
I can't wait to get back to Logan to make even more memories for next semester. I have a good feeling that it's going to get crazy awesome! Almost even better than my first semester :)

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