Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yes, I took offense.. and that's okay

So.. a little more serious topic.. meh sorry. 

Have you ever felt like you were confident enough to do something or say something because a friend told you it didn't bother them, or that it was alright. Or a friend of a friend does it so you justify you acting or saying certain things?

I know I have. 

One example of this is when a person says a racial slur. (For the purpose of this post I'm not going to post a particular one.. but if you know of one that has a deep root of being offensive, use that as your example).
I personally do not say words that are like that. I don't refer to my friends in that way, and that's that. But that's JUST me. 

Here's where the issue comes to play.

When a person DOES say words that could be offensive to another.. I really don't care UNLESS, you say it to me/at me when you YOU know that word could be used in a completely opposite context. 
The underlying problem that I cannot stand is when a person some how JUSTIFIES saying a word to someone who does not like it because they know a friend or a friend of a friend who once gave them permission or that particular person did not care whether or not that term was used. 

That being said, when did your friend or celebrity or whoever it was become the spokesperson for that group of people? Just because a friend or an athlete or a singer says certain terms, it does NOT justify it being okay. 

If you and those people want to say terms like that WITHIN your own group of friends.. then do just that. I don't care. But when you think you can say a racial slur to me with confidence because you're 'backed up' by your friends, that's where I draw a line. Respect a person enough that if a word, that was ORIGINALLY made to be offensive, offends a person, to not say that word.. and I'm going to just leave it at that. 

Sorry. Just a food for thought. 

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