Sunday, July 20, 2014

h a p p y m o m e n t s

I haven't blogged in a while. But, I wanted to make a post and share some of the moments where I felt really happy recently. I know not many people are going to read this, but I'm doing so I don't forget when I'm having a hard day.

The 4th of July weekend. A friend and I were driving home from a full day of activities. I live by the temple and we were driving by this road where you can basically overlook the whole valley. We see fireworks coming from every direction. It was the coolest thing so we pulled over and just watched the valley light up with so many fireworks. In that moment it was so perfect. It was so great to have a friend to sit with and enjoy each other company while seeing, in my opinion, one of Logan's best kept secrets. 
[ a h a p p y m o m e n t]

Another moment was just tonight. It was a full day of floating a river with a group of friends that I ALWAYS have so much fun with. They're the type of friends that always invite me to everything and don't stop even when I can't go to some things every once in a while. After feeling left out so much in the past few months it's been nice being able to count on them for a good time. & also feeling like an important friend even though everyone is treated the exact same way. 

After we had a great big feast and started driving back to Logan, we started seeing fireworks in the canyon and we all started freaking out! (literally screaming to pull over) We pulled to the little town that has a lake where we could have seen the fireworks reflecting off it. We jumped out of the car and started running down this dark town road that would light up with HUGE and BRIGHT fireworks every few seconds. We ran and ran, and the fireworks were right above us and HUGE. It was the best feeling and SO FUN. We didn't make it to the lake to see the rest of the show, because the finale started not too long after we started running, but it was seriously the best part of this great day. 
[ a h a p p y m o m e n t]

I don't want to forget these moments because these are the moments I want to look back to when I remember my first summer in Logan. And I love those moments that are rare but just make you naturally HAPPY. Not a forced sort of happy either... just something so natural where you can look back and think... wow I was truly happy in this moment. Those are the moments I live for. 

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