Friday, June 13, 2014

Phones and People These Days

I'm going to sound like someone who was born before the 'cell phone days' or earlier in this post but...
I seriously HATE how some people are with their cell phones.

Before we start, I want to disclose that I have been some if not all of the people I'm about to rant about, so I'm not trying to be hypocritical, but at least I'm admitting to it now. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are with someone you haven't seen in a LONG time and instead of trying to make conversation with them they pull out their phones and start checking Facebook, Insta, Snapchat etc. Oh I'm sorry I'm boring you to tears that you have to check up on Insta every hour on the dot to make sure you didn't miss something! 
I'll admit to being this person sometimes. ONLY if the person I'm with has no intention of continuing a conversation with me. Because I can usually find SOMETHING to talk about with someone if I absolutely have to. But I REFUSE to be the only one trying to carry on a conversation. Whether if it's text or in real life. If you're not putting in the effort I sure as heck won't either. Sorry. 

I really hate texting too. I'm 100% more happy when a person calls me. I can't get all my thoughts through in a text message that's for sure. That and texting gets frustrating. I feel like whenever I want to hear back from someone asap they take a million hours to respond when what I asked isn't even relevant anymore but when I don't care to talk to a person they are SUPER responsive and those are the days I leave my phone in my room all day and never check it. It's dumb. Just call. Or not... whatever, it's your choice. 

If you are on your phone, for no reason, and we're out at a sit down restaurant.. you best believe you've made it to the 'people that bug me' list. I'm fine with a person checking their phone because it's an important call or text or we need to find out what movies are playing or whatever. But I dated a guy once who would check the scores for every sports team, every ten minutes, while we were on a dinner date, that had TVs with sports on, that showed the scores all over the place...... That bugged me so much. I wanted to throw my coke at him. 

WE NEED TO GET OFF FACEBOOK, GET OF INSTA, GET OF THAT GAME for FIVE MINUTES! I promise you, the stuff will STILL be there when you are alone. 


end rant. 

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