Sunday, June 30, 2013

June's Positivity Blog

If I had to be honest, the only time I catch myself forcing myself to think positively is when I catch myself moping or having a ultra negative thought! But for the most part I've been thinking pretty positively! Even though this past month has been full of things that could seriously stomp on my positive streak I've been trying really hard to not think the worst of everything. 

A month ago I told you I had a job interview, I thought really positive on how it went and I got a job offer the next day! I was really happy with those results. So I've been a working lady for a month or so and it's been great being able to have something to do. 

I've realized that it helps being positive when you don't just think of yourself. Thinking of others instead of just how you're feeling really helps you realize how silly you may sound when you think about all the negativity in your life.

But that's about all I figured out this month... maybe a life changing moment will happen for July! 

I'm grateful for parents that help encourage me when I'm having off days & putting myself down

Until the next post :)

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