Monday, April 22, 2013

April's Positivity Blog

I've decided to start this new thing. I call it positive blog. 
Each month I am going to do a blog post on positive things that are going on in my life. 

I've realized that I have been the most negative Nancy for the past year and it's time for that to stop. I now have realized the reasoning behind the constant back to back negative outcomes for the past year & I'm finally saying STOP
My mom has been telling me about this documentary movie on Netflix called 'The Secret'. She would tell me to watch it every single time I would complain about how wrong my life seemed to be going. Today all she told me was "Alright, I'm going to hang up the phone now so you can watch that documentary..." and my response would be like "No wait... I have more to vent about......". She then said "Go watch it." So I was like ugh fine.. because it didn't seem like she was going to continue the conversation any further. 

I started watching this movie. I was a little skeptical at first because it seemed pretty cheesy and I was not positive if the people that were giving me a pep talk were real people who have done this, or actors. I looked up a lot of their names online while I watched and it was not fake. These people were real time/big time authors, doctors, psychologists etc. 
The movie went on to tell you about the 'secret' to how to be happy, successful, have good health, have good relationships with others, etc. The secret basically is 'The Law of Attraction'. If you send out thoughts into the universe of what you want it will inevitably happen. Done. You cannot doubt either because that only brings out negative thoughts, which brings out negative outcomes. They went on to explain that no matter what you think comes to be. For example, if you think of how much debt you're in, guess what is going to happen? More debt. The universe does not see that you 'don't' want debt. All it keeps hearing is you complaining about debt. So that's what it is giving you, because the more you put it out there, the more likely it is to happen. So say you don't want debt? Instead of saying how much you wish you weren't in debt and how you hate debt, think about getting more paychecks in the mail. You'll notice that the outcome will be more paychecks! 

Now I bet most of you think this is dumb. Trust me I did.. even when my mom explained that to me I was like 'Okay, whatever lady'. But, I'm starting to see why my life has been not so great lately! 
Anytime I would apply to get accepted into anything I tried to force my thoughts to not get it's hopes up just so I would not get hurt if I did not get accepted. Here's the thing. Saying that and putting those vibes in the universe pretty much got me there. Not accepted. & you know what? My feelings were still hurt even if my hopes weren't up. So why not just have my hopes up next time and put more positive vibes out there? I will get accepted. I will become what I want to become. 

I'm starting to see SO MUCH of my life in a different view. Positive people want to be around positive people. No one wants to be around a girl that mops and whines all the time. That's why I need to be more positive. 

So let's just say this. Use me as your guinea pig! If my life stays the same.. and nothing positive happens, then you don't have to try it for yourself. But if it does..... I'll be your new go-to real-life example : )

My Positive Thoughts:  
- I will become whatever I want to become. I want to become a professional photographer.. & and a dang good one at that!
- I will marry someone who fits all the qualities on the list I wrote down that I keep under my pillow
- Next school year will be fantastic
- The people I will meet in these upcoming months will change my life for the better

1 Thing I'm Grateful For:
My bed

I will put something that I'm grateful for after every blogpost from now on. 

& When it comes to the positive thoughts. I definitely need to work on it! After all I've been a poop for the past year... but it's never to late to start being the person I want to become.  

Until the next post :) 

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