Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting down to the wire!

Only 3 weeks left of my freshman year of college and I can hardly believe it!!

Here's a list of things I need to get done before summer can begin!
1. Finish my final portfolio for photography. I need to print 12 photos!
2. Take the math placement test (hopefully tomorrow) so I can take a math class next semester!
3. Sign up for classes!
4. Go to Fiddler on the Roof for my Creative Arts class
5. Figure what to do for storage
6. Take one more quiz and the final in Econ
7. Take the final in Philosophy
8. Write one last out of class assignment paper and take the final for Human Development (my night class)

Not gonna lie.. I'm seriously going to miss being a freshman! Some people can't wait to be top dog at their school or whatever, but I personally am going to miss the uncertainty because of how new college is! I'm going to miss being all giddy for being on my own! I feel like I'll still be that way, but it won't be a fresh feeling. I really can't wait for next year though... for W.O.W. week, meeting knew people, living off campus, having a kitchen of my own (no more meal plan!), and the warmth Logan brings in early September until about the middle of November. Yes Logan, I know you're not all snow and cold. I'm definitely going to miss the friends i've made that won't be coming back and the fact that all my friends were so close (pretty much just a floor or a doorstep away). But here's lookin at you freshman year! :)

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