Thursday, February 5, 2009

today's one of those days..

So today's one of those days no one really enjoys. ITS SO COLD OUTSIDE. And when that happens, i start wishing it was summer again. I mean i hate it when i do this too, especially in the summer when its insanely hot and i want winter and snow oh so badly.

I'm sooooo ready to go to the beach again. Last summer i went ONCE. not only that it was only for like 3 hours, because it started raining. LAME. This summer i really want to do more stuff outside because when i got back to school i was as pale as a playtupus. (not really but you know where i'm going with this). The joy of winter can only last for so long. And i'm talking only during the thanksgiving/christmas zone. BRING ON SUMMER AGAIN!

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