Thursday, February 19, 2009

street legal...! kind of.

So after all this diddly daddly i finally decided... HEY maybe i should get my permit. I went last saturday, waited in line for a good 30 minutes (and let me tell you that line was LONG), and got to the front just for them to tell me i'm missing a piece of information. I was pretty mad. So i went to school looking for a school form i aparently needed. It took the school a good day to fill it out then i needed to get it signed and what not. So, i end up going back to the MVA today. There was no line and pretty much no wait. It turns out i didn't even need that signed paper from school unless i was not younger than 16. LAME. I could have gotten my permit on Monday. Oh well, at least i know i can get my license on August 19th :) YAY! thats what i'm shooting for. I want to have it before my senior year of high school starts up.

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  1. hey you can practice driving in my van!

    i added those photos.

    great spending time with you today. i am still laughing!!