Sunday, March 18, 2012

We're just havin' fun, and we don't care who sees!

Wowza! These past few weeks have definitely been an adventure! On Presidents Day weekend, Karissa told me that she was going to Vegas and that I should come with her! I was like sure why not, since everyone was pretty much going home to their families that weekend and my family is all the way in Maryland. So we road tripped it 8ish hours to Vegas!!! It was me, Karissa, Jordan, and David! Such a fun weekend!!

On our way!!!

....What? We did leave at 5 in the morning after all..

The coca-cola store was a dream come true!

There was a Chipotle in Vegas!! Thanks goodness... It had been a while.

Awesome water show!

Is that a dream... or reality?! Oh it was real.... and closed :(

This past week was spring break! What did I do you ask?? I went to St. George!! It was really chill, relaxed and not to mention warm! We had to spend one night in Vegas because of a slight condo issue, so I got to go see the sights in Vegas again!

The first night we were there we hiked to this peek so we could see all the St. George city lights! It was great. Not to mention a good time with great people! My friend John even wrote a hilarious song about Jordan and I! Here it is! You should watch it! It's pretty funny... even though you can't see a thing.

The next day we headed to Vegas!!

We drove back to St. George that Tuesday, and on Wednesday we went on a fun hike!

This past month has been a fun one to say the least... Only more good times to come!! :)

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  1. Looks like a parttay! I must admit I am quite a fan of you and Jordan! Couldn't be cuter I am pretty sure! Next stop: Beating him in ticket to ride!