Tuesday, September 13, 2011

La la la.. whatever. La la la.. it doesn't matter.

It's starting to get cooler here in Logan... I've decided that I am not happy about that. I want the good weather to stay for as long as possible! It was 90 the first week of school, 80 the second week, and now it's going down the the 70's. I not completely okay with this.

This weekend was good! On Friday everything was just played by ear. First I went to go play soccer at Adams Park with my neighbors. It was way fun even though I'm no good. When we got back the night was still young, so we decided to drive up to Green Canyon to do a bonfire. It was super fun! I love my Pineview neighbors!! They are great.

Our first home football game was this past Saturday! It was so much fun. My two neighbors, Dale and Jeremy, and I decided to get there early so we could sit in the front row! It was so worth it too! It is such a different perspective to see the players reactions to everything and their game plans and what not. I'm going to try and do that as much as possible! I love Aggie sports! In high school I didn't go to the games EVER but ever since i've been out here it's been the opposite! There so much awesome energy and people and I just love it! Afterwards we got pizza and watched a movie. A nice chill end to the weekend.

School has been good! I really need to get in the study mode though! Seriously! I feel like the only classes i'm always on top of is Math and English. So no worries i'll get it together. That's all for now folks! :)

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