Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few things you should know about lil ol me

Just some random facts about me/my personality that I feel like letting everyone know about if you don't know me well enough

- I'm a sassy person. I'm sassy when i'm in a good mood and i'm sassy when i'm in a bad mood. So, you shouldn't get offended if i'm sassy towards you because it's most likely nothing personal. It's just my personality.
- I like to make people laugh. If I have to over dramatize a lame story to get a couple giggles out of the person listening, to make it less boring, I will do just that.
- I'm a venter. I tell, almost anyone who will listen, everything. Even if i've just met you like, 10 minutes earlier, I will most likely tell you about my latest crush or something if you seem like a person who is willing to listen. It's really easy for someone to get me talking about who I like or anything that's bothering me. You know when you ask a person, "Oh, who do you like?" and they're all secretive about telling?, ya, that's not me. I will most likely tell, as long as I know you can keep a secret.
- I really like to listen to other people's problems and lives. Honestly. Sometimes, I feel like people don't always trust if I can keep a secret of theirs, since I talk about my own secrets so openly to anyone. That's not true though... I will always be there to listen if you need me to and I will always keep it a secret.
- People who talk smart(smart a's) get the heck on my nerves.
- I'm a talkative person. So if I get really quiet for a long period of time, that most likely means i'm upset/something is bothering me a lot.
- I'm not a little kid. I'm old enough to know what foods I like by now and what food I don't like. I don't think that makes me a picky eater though. That sounds super juvenile and I hate that. I think a picky eater is someone who hasn't tried a food and already claims to dislike it. That's not me. I've tried the foods I dislike. Sometimes it's the texture, sometimes it's the taste that gets me. I just really like simple foods. It's not a big deal.
- I get jealous easily and it sucks.

This is starting to seem like a vent... so I don't want to keep going. But those are just some things about me!

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